HostGator is considered to be one of the world’s major and leading web hosting companies around the world. The founder of HostGator, Brent Oxley, started with a single dorm room in 2002 at Florida Atlantic University while he was completing his master’s degree in computer science.
Some of the major qualities that made HostGator one of the top and preferred web hosting providers worldwide include their services, pricing, and features.

The best solutions as regards web hosting are supplied by HostGator. They offer the shared server, and their hosting plans are considered to be the cheapest and the best compared to other hosting companies. They only accommodate a limited number of websites in each of their servers, thus making each hosted website perform to their maximum.

Their virtual private server hosting (VPS) solutions is one of the reasons why they have become so popular in the web hosting market especially that they also offer the cheapest VPS plans that could make clients and subscribers fully satisfied.

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Lastly, their dedicated servers are dedicated to making your sites at par or better than the industrial ones.


Despite the high quality services they are offering, HostGator maintains is low pricing and service packages to cater to all sectors of the society, especially those who cannot afford to pay high prices for a web hosting provider.

They offer 3 hosting plans: hatchling, baby, and business. They also have discount and coupon codes that could help their clients and potential subscribers save a lot in their web hosting plans.
With these different coupon and discount codes, subscribers and clients are sure to save huge amounts of money and instead use this amount for other promotional and marketing strategies that could further bloom their business.


cPanel is one of the features that HostGator provides. There are other features also that make HostGator the most preferred hosting provider. Some of these features include their 24/7 technical support, their unlimited bandwidth, domains, and subdomains, and their site builder that makes it easy for you to build and design your website.

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