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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome also known as PCOS is a state of abnormality in each woman’s hormones. It is where male hormones are more present than that of woman. The number of woman who has these abnormalities constantly increases. Other doctors say that it is because of the food we take in our body. Some says that it is because of the lifestyle people live. The question is how will be it treated? If you’re curious then check this out.

Here are the ways to treat PCOS:


Who says pills are for people who are under the family planning? Yeah. Birth control pills are for people like that but pills do have a big help in the process of treating PCOS. How? With the aid of these pills, it will help the hormones of the woman taking it corrected. They have to undergo check-ups and undergo treatment.


You have to exercise. People with PCOS tend to get fat for their hormones are working out of track. They need to stay fit and burn those calories for the hormones are stored in our fats. If you are that fat, then I guess you have to reduce your food intake and you should have insert an exercise session to your new routine.

Proper Diet

Whether you are sick or healthy, you have or shall I say: we have to deal with proper diet. Healthy means living long. If you live long than you can enjoy life to its fullest. If you can’t do it that easily, then don’t push yourself that hard. Take your time. Do it little by little.…

Proper Usage of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are really helpful in so many ways. It can help students to finish their projects and search for the things that they do not know by using the Internet on their phones. It can also help them to be updated with their current events in their place.

But, too much exposure to the mobile phones, it can also create some distraction to the students and to everyday lives of the people. They will certainly lose their focus on the things that they are doing. People tend to abuse the usage of their mobile phones.

That’s why, people must learn how to control themselves in using their phones. They must need to know their limitations in using this and they must do it in order to improve their projects and to prove themselves that they can be better individuals.…